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I am very pleased with Dr. Yvonne Romagosa and the staff. Everyone at the office is very efficient. I am happy with the service I received. It is always a pleasure to be at this office, well, for a dermatologist office. I recommend all of my co-workers, friends, and family members to see Dr. Yvonne Romagosa.

I have been a patient of Dr. Greg Barron’s for about a year. He has cleared me of all my skin issues. Dr. Barron does all of his procedures in such a professional manner. I am very grateful for what Dr. Barron has done for me. If by chance I have any more skin cancers or issues in the future, I will definitely call Dr. Barron for his services.

Dr. Rick Romagosa is a very caring, accountable, and talented doctor. I was an avid boater for many years and I have a lot of sun damage. He has taken care of all my skin issues, removed my skin cancers, and I have to say everything has healed beautifully. I have never met a doctor who treats me as well as he does. I truly appreciate his thoughtfulness.

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