**COVID-19 Update** 04/01/2020

Dear patients of Romagosa Barron Dermatology,

We hope this letter finds you and your family safe and healthy.  During these times we are taking every precaution to keep you protected from the COVID-19 pandemic as far as your physical interaction with our practice.  In keeping with this very important goal, we are committed to staying open every day as long as it is allowed to by our federal and state government. This will be in a much-reduced capacity ONLY to take care of dermatology urgent medical and surgical concerns.  

Appropriate encounters during this time should include: visits relating to the diagnosis and treatment of concerning rashes or lesions, and limited and carefully chosen surgeries or procedures that should not be delayed until after the COVID-pandemic risk has subsided.

We hope you understand that we are doing this in order to help keep you safe from unnecessary exposure.  Please know that should you need to come in, we are making concerted effort to keep every area of our office disinfected at all times. 

We wish you the very best health and safety during these difficult times.

Warmest Regards,

-Romagosa Barron Dermatology

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